Thursday, August 9, 2012

Farewell to Summer

Ryan went back to work Monday. I start tomorrow. We have mixed emotions, but are mostly excited to get back into a routine. I told Ryan that we are so lucky, because “We get to do it all again in nine months!” Ryan said, “Woah. In a different context, that’d be pretty scary.” Anyway, here are a few highlights of my last day of summer with the nublins:

- Went on a walk to “our” bridge. Calvin sported a six-shooter and his neon Aqua Sox. Big boys picked eleventy billion flowers for me, hiding each offering behind their back with a sheepish grin while I acted like I was surprised for the eighteenth time. Love!
- Plopped on the couch, and read “a buttload of books” and ate freezie pops.
- Max learned a new phrase, “Baby giwl!” Said as an insult (by his bubbies – he had no clue what he was yelling). This comes on the heels of “Wet me go!” (which I’m fairly certain was his first sentence) and “Poop butt!” Decided it’s time to find some more appropriate play mates – and caregivers.
- Made birthday cookies for Aunt Rachel’s boyfriend. Licked the beaters. Dipped pretzels in frosting. Ate frosting by the spoonful. Let the kids have a little, too.
- Made supper with Chef Calvin. He sat on the counter or table and helped with the entire process. The new recipe, cheesy broccoli hot pockets, got a surprising four out of five stars. The dark star? The chef himself, but not because of his part in the meal. When Ryan asked what Calvin did to make it taste yucky, he said with attempted diplomacy, “Well….I didn’t…but Mommy…” and “I think Mommy mightta put too much of something…” I know what the something was: the color green.
- Had a surprisingly uneventful toy picking up/bath/toothbrush/story session. A first in a long time (like, all summer)
- Picked out clothes for tomorrow. Went over the morning procedures. Kicked myself for not rehearsing it!
- Kissed boys good night and told them I had a good summer with them. Felt a little sad.
- Decided the bigguns were being so good, I’d let them stay up a little later to help put laundry away (this is still a privilege at this point – praying it stays forever that way!) Walked out of the room for two seconds and came back to a wrestling match on top of the clean, folded, sorted, and stacked piles.
- Ushered deviants to bed. Had to break up two more fights in as many minutes. Banished Calvin to Max’s room. Felt a little excited for day care opening time tomorrow morning.

To quote the back to school cards Reed made for Daddy and me, “Ihopyouhavagoodsgl”  Me too, buddy, me too. But I’m looking forward to another summer of craziness with you and your brothers in nine months.

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Deborah Raney said...

Okay, THIS one made me cry WHILE I was laughing.