Monday, January 2, 2012

I'm an Oxymoron

I swear I'm bipolar! One minute I want to quit my job, shoot my husband, drop the kids off at the nearest doorstop, and burn my house down. The next, I'm on a walk (alone - which is probably important in this equation) thinking how perfect my life and family are!
We've been off of school for two weeks now, so there's been a lot of together time, which in our house equals sibling rivalry to the max (well, actually, to the Reed and Calvin), a messier house, more meals to cook, and more frequent opportunity for spats with the one they call the Mac Dad. Fortunately, it also means margin in our life. It's given me time to get caught up on a few things, pursue a couple of creative endevours, and have time to breathe and think! We also had two days that felt like spring, so I've been outside and slightly more active. I jumped on the trampoline with the boys (holy workout, Batman!) and then took them on a walk one day. I was feeling good then, but the next day, I snuck a walk in by meself. Wow! Amazing what a little fresh, and, more importantly, kid-free, air can do for the spirits! I came back all glowy and chipper and thanked Ryan for watching the boys so I could get away for 20 mn (yep - that's all it took). He said, "I guess 20 minutes is a small price to pay if it makes you feel this good," which probably loosely translates to, "Twenty minutes of wrestling yeahoos is worth it for you to not be a B-word to me," but whatevs. Life is good!
I go back to work tomorrow. If you find three cute boys on your doorstop, don't worry. I'll be back in 20 minutes.

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