Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Where the Heck Does My Time Go?!

Where the heck does my time go?! I feel like I’m constantly on the hamster wheel, working nonstop, but never getting anything done. In an effort to assess where my time goes, I decided to write out a typical day in my life:

5:30 a.m.
Wake up to Max’s cries. Nurse. Put Max back in bed. Get in shower.
Get ready. Tag team breakfast with Ryan. Try to remember to move wet laundry to dryer. Put supper meat in fridge to thaw.
Drop off kids. Work.
Try to get caught up in classroom. Feel guilty about not picking up kids earlier.
OR Pick up kids. Feel stressed about work left in classroom (or being drug home in teacher bag).
Cook supper and feel guilty about not playing outside with kids
OR Play outside with kids and feel guilty about not cooking a “real meal.”
Feed Max. Try to keep food warm while we wait for Daddy. Eat. Start to
clean up supper mess. Get interrupted by Max wanting to nurse. Nurse. Put Max down.
Choreograph the seven-ring circus that is bedtime: shower, teeth, toys,
jammies, story, song. Try to put in a load of laundry and finish cleaning up kitchen in there somewhere.
On a good night: iron tomorrow’s clothes and load coffee maker for the
On most nights: finish bed-time routine.
Finish kitchen clean-up. Finish morning prep. Fold laundry. Straighten house. Pay bills. Grade papers. Feel guilty about not spending time with Ryan
OR Watch TV with Ryan and fall asleep within 20 mn, feeling stressed by the messy house and pile of papers
OR if Ryan falls asleep on couch, facebook and/or blog stalk until 1 a.m., with homework assignments and red pen on lap to ease the guilt of wasting an entire evening (and to pass the time between slow page loads)
11 (or whenever Ryan or I wake up off the couch)
go to bed


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