Friday, May 21, 2010

Snapshot in Time

At this age (4) Reed is into:
- Dinosaurs
- Jail (Several times he’s expressed fear that Ryan and I are going to do something bad and go there. Then he’ll have to get “nadopted” by somebody else. Thanks for the vote of confidence, Bud!)
- Gardening (He hums while he pulls weeds and waters. Adorable!)
- Chasing Calvin, sitting on him, then retrieving whatever toy he stole and staying on top of him to prevent a recurrent crime
- Nature’s wonders (worms, slugs, twirly wirlies, etc.)
- Talking! Nonstop.

Calvin (2 1/2) is into:
- Shooting various imaginary things with various imaginary guns (sticks, vacuum tubes, etc.)
- Screaming out of excitement, anger, frustration, impatience, and generally any other emotion
- Puzzles (though he screams at least once a minute when attempting one)
- Stealing toys from Reed and running away screaming in excitement at the top of his lungs, then screaming in anger when Reed catches him (see above)
- Collections (balls, alphabet books, Daddy’s hats, phones, similar cars, etc. He’ll carry them around, line them up neatly, or check them out one at a time.)
- Running EVERYwhere

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