Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Naughty Papa

Just a few minutes ago, Reed informed me, pencil in hand, “I don’t dwa on wall.” He has so much to learn about his Miranda rights! He is starting to grasp the concept of denial and blame, though. When I lectured him about drawing on the wall, he repeated that it wasn’t him. “Then who did it?” I inquired. Without hesitating for a second, he named the offender, “Papa.” It was all I could do to keep from laughing at the image of my dad making the 500 mile journey to impart his artistic touch on our living room walls. Somebody needs to teach that boy about little brothers! Instead, I reminded Reed that lying is bad. I cited an episode of Veggie Tales, the one where a cute little monster, named Fib, grows in a similar fashion to Pinocchio’s nose. I know – I’m terrible, but it’s not like I told him that a monster would get him if he lied. I just let his imagination go where it may… His eyes widened a little at the memory of the monster and he immediately fessed up, “Reed dwa on wall.” I thanked him for telling me the truth and then showed him how to use an eraser (which, honestly, made more of a mark than the pointy end of the pencil!)

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Deborah Raney said...

Papa will get a HUGE kick out of this story! : )